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CLP Side Event during the V Global Conference

Scaling up Business Due Diligence on Child Labour

The session will bring together businesses and other key actors to discuss how the private sector is tackling child labour in supply chains. It will discuss the key findings of a survey on key trends related to enterprises’ due diligence efforts conducted by the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and Ardea International.


Speakers will also exchange on what can be done to support due diligence efforts on child labour across sectors and regions. They will deep dive on emerging businesses’ initiatives to build more holistic and effective responses to child labour, particularly in the informal economy and hard to reach communities.

Speakers will showcase how businesses can contribute to advance a meaningful and impactful collaboration across sectors and with key actors such as Governments, employers’ organizations, trade unions and civil society to increase transparency and overcome the root causes of child labour in supply chains.

Date and time: May 17th 2022 at 16h45-17h45 CET